Thursday, November 20, 2008

No More Mr Nice Guy...

Whenever I lend something to someone it either comes back broken, ripped, stepped on, spit on, partially burned or not at all. When I was a kid of about 9, living in Brooklyn, I had a James Bond Attache Case. It was very very cool. I remember it well because it was probably my favorite toy. I brought it to my friend, Perry Rosen's house. I left it there and never saw it again. Everytime I asked Perry what happened to it, he couldn't tell me. It was very upsetting. I guess he was angry because his parents named him Perry. To this day, I wonder what happend to that James Bond Attache Case. Perry Rosen moved to Staten Island and I tried finding him on the internet. Apparently there are a lot of Perry Rosens out there. I saw some pictures, but none of them had a guy holding a James Bond Attache Case.

Another prized possession of mine was a bicycle with a banana seat. They were all the rage back in the 60's. I had one. Anthony, some fat kid from school, came over and rode my bicycle around the block. When he came back, the banana seat was ripped. I can only guess it was from his big fat ass. He denied it of course. I don' t remember Anthony's last name and there are far too many Anthony's out there to try to locate him.

Number three is rather odd. I owned an album by Alice Cooper called Billion Dollar Babies back in the 70's. I loaned it to Kevin Anderson. He never gave it back. I even went to his house and knocked on his door and he told me he couldn't find it. How can you NOT find an album? If I wasn't so skinny and nerdy back then, I would have beat him up. Kevin Anderson is another popular name and impossible to locate.

Now here is where it gets weird. Years later, about 2002 or so, I bought Billion Dollar Babies on CD. I loaned it to a guy I worked with named Rich Randazzo. Rich wanted to burn a copy. Guess what? I never got it back. I kept asking Rich. He said, "I can't find it". he found the CD box and returned that, but could not find the CD?
I tried to find out if he knew Kevin Anderson, thinking maybe they were in cohoots. Now they are both missing along with two copies of Billion Dollar Babies. I am tempted to get another copy, but apparently I am not allowed to own this item.

I still loan CD's to people to burn. They come back, but usually broken, scratched, or smudged up to a point of skipping. Will I ever learn? Apparently not. What I really don't understand is why do people do this? If I ever borrow something from someone, I take expert care of it and I return it as soon as possible.

So, anybody out there that has something of mine? I am granting amnesty for 30 days. If you return it within this timespan, I will not press charges.

Do you hear me Perry Rosen, Kevin Anderson and Rich Randazzo?

Nick, you get a pass because you understand the value of good music, so this post does not include you even if you still have my Talking Heads albums.

HOWEVER, this post includes YOU - STUART PARSONS

El Cabong !!!

In the words of alternative country artist, Lucinda Williams, "You took my joy, I want it back..."

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