Friday, October 8, 2010

Mexican Lake Pirates - Arrrr you kidding me?

Last week, on a lake shared by Texas and Mexico, newlyweds were jet skiing. Disaster struck when the couple was attacked by pirates on this border lake. The husband was shot to death. His wife left him there and jet skied back to shore. A horrible tragedy. So why did I find this so funny? Am I a sick person? probably.

Apparently, Mexican lake pirates are wreaking havoc in this lake. I thought pirates were mainly found in ocean waters. The ocean provides pirates a vast expanse for quick getaways. How do lake pirates get away? do they just keep going in circles? How does one become a lake pirate? It could be a training ground for potential ocean pirates. Or maybe these are like Triple A pirates who can't make it to the big leagues among the ocean pirates. If they were comedians, they would be open mic pirates.

I imagine there is a pecking order among pirates. You don't just come out of pirate school and go directly to the ocean. You start out in a bathtub perhaps, then move up to town swimming pools, on to lake pirate before you qualify for the ocean.

Certainly, during this tragic incident, my heart goes out to the family of the killed man. But, somewhere on the not so high seas there is a ceremony going on. Lake pirates have graduated to the ocean. Two sides to every story.

In the meantime look out for those puddle pirates. They are on to bigger and badder things.

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