Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wake me up when November ends.

I have always been somewhat of a misfit. I very rarely conform to anything considered mainstream. I don't read enough. Most of what I think is from my own gut instinct. I listen to all points of view and try very hard not to be closed minded. Many people are confused when my political opinion doesn't match my cultural preferences. Someone actually said to me "how can you have such good tastes in music and have such abhorrent political views?" I guess I didn't get the rule book. So, if I like music and the arts I am supposed to be a liberal? What other rules have I missed? If I am conservative does it mean I should like the corporate NY Yankees and not the poverty stricken NY Mets? For lunch do I have to eat at the home of the right wing bible thumping zealots at Kentucky Fried Chicken or the tree hugging pinko commies at Panera Bread? Must all my life choices be connected to my political affiliation?

If I disagree with President Obama should I take my guns to town with my Bible and start converting the masses as they leave Target?

Barack Obama was an historical choice for president and he spoke a lot about finding that common ground, yet lately he spends more time pointing at the people standing in the way of his so called progress. He seems to be encouraging this concept of "taking sides". He called on the tea party to come up with an idea. Again, it's "us vs them." Now, I don't dislike the president but I disagree with many of his policies. Whenever I talk to someone about politics and tell them my view they immediately tell me to stop watching FOX and don't listen to Rush Limbaugh. Why do they make this assumption? I listen closely to the President himself. I am not so stupid that I believe that FOX is reporting the truth. I know they have an agenda. So does MSNBC, Keith Obermann and Bill Maher. I am not interested in listening to anyone with only one opinion.

Recently I have been watching The Daily Show. Jon Stewart is entertaining and clever and I thought he played both angles. It's a disguise. I'll tell you why.

Jon Stewart could be the smartest guy on television. He is putting together a rally called "Rally to restore Sanity". He said something very truthful. "Just because I don't like your policies doesn't mean I think you are Hitler", referring to the President. A very profound statement. However it is riddled with hypocrisy. Isn't this the same Jon Stewart who has made a living of poking fun of people? He is a political comedian. Name calling is his job.

As we get closer to election day I am watching the battle unfold. The democratic party decided to go with a couple of slogans "you may hate us, but they are worse" and "don't give them the keys back." These campaigns do not motivate me to vote for a democrat. How about telling me what YOU are going to do? The right is not any better by pulling the same old fear train into the station. The "grass roots" movement of the tea party is the same old political trickery that got Obama elected. I think their slogan should be "We won't get fooled again". But I fear we will, no matter who gets in. Is it the same old story of vote for the lesser of two evils? Don't "we the people" deserve more than that?

As we move closer to election day I fear I may do the same thing I have done in many years past.
Stay home.
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