Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dead Mail...

A morbid thought occured to me today.

When everyone in the current generation grows old and starts dying we will leave behind our e-mail addresses, websites, my space and facebook pages, etc. There will be so many things available to remember us by. Is this a good thing? I don't know.
Kind of eerie to think you can e-mail someone who has died and they will never open it.
If you leave comments on their page would they be memorials, or never appear because they need to be approved?
Think of the size of your spam box after you are dead twenty years. Would you still be offered low interest mortgages, penis enlargement creams, or hot dates from horny housewives?
Will your account eventually cease to exist?
Is this something to think about while making out your last will and testament?
Should cyber planning be a part of our living wills? "Should I become incompacitated, pull the plug, and here is a list of passwords to keep my legacy going through cyberspace.
Sick? or a great way to remember someone?

Maybe our website address should be on our tombstone.

How many people would e-mail me after I die? Imagine that? What would you ask?
Hey Stevie, how's death?
Would you check it each day, just to see if I answer from beyond?
Imagine if you got an answer?
Re: hey stevie how's death
would you open it?
I would.

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