Sunday, January 4, 2009

Whatever Stevie wants...

With every new year the talk is about resolutions. I don't have any bad habits, like smoking or drinking, that I want to break. I have no need to go on a diet. I could vow to be nicer to people, but why should I.

So, I decided, let GOOGLE tell me what I should do. What are my wants and needs for 2009? Mostly, what do I deserve for 2009.

Tell me GOOGLE:

What does Stevie want?

Stevie wants her MTV (why do I think they are talking about Stevie Nicks here?)
Stevie wants a freeway (yeah, running through my living room)
Stevie wants me to beat up a kid (not me..I'm a lover, not a fighter) what does Stevie really need?

Steve REALLY needs a NAP (always true)
Steve really needs to learn how to use the tag and description features of Jyte (?)
Stevie needs very special, preferably quiet home with no young children or dogs(how do they know?)

Fine, but what does Stevie deserve?

Stevie deserves better (I agree)
Stevie deserves run at the captaincy. (sure, why not)
Stevie deserves to be inducted as a solo artist (Stevie Nicks again, but I'll take it)

Well, that was a useless exercise.

If I ever come up with some real resolutions, I will let you know. For now, Google has not served me well, except for the nap. I do feel tired right now.

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