Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm all right jack keep your hands off of my stack...

Money, it's a gas. I love it. I love making it, counting it. If I could eat it, I would (with hot sauce). Money is in the news every day. Bailouts in the billions. Government spending in the trillions. It seems like everybody is broke these days. Well, not everyone. Game shows are still giving away millions. Celebrities and sports figures are still signing multi million dollar contracts. It seems unfair to me that Plaxico Burress gets paid millions to play football, Britney Spears makes millions to lip sync, and Tom Cruise is rolling in moolah on Oprah's couch to "act" while hospice nurses and teachers of special needs children are barely getting by.

It must be nice to live in this capitalistic society, voice your opinions against it, and get rich while doing so. I'm talking about some celebrities rallying for causes like the environment and then driving away in their SUV limos. Coming out in support of animal rights in their $5,000 leather shoes. Aren't they actors? Maybe they are acting like they care so we can go support their real cause - the movie, book or album they are promoting. That's why we love when they fail. As long as we have a thirst for celebrity meltdowns we will continue to support their "causes". Have you ever noticed the timing of these "meltdowns" tend to come around when they are promoting something? Coincidence? I don't think so. Bad publicity is publicity and all publicity is good publicity.

Everyone saw the GM execs arriving in Washington in their corporate jets looking for money to save the jobs of the "workers". Are we this stupid that we believe them? The workers are the last to be helped. I think if your company is losing millions of dollars it's time to lose some of your executives.

When does this nonsense stop? When will the American people wake up?

Unfortunatley, I don't see an end in sight.

The media continues to report the downfall of American society as if they really care. All they really care about is ratings. The bottom line. Do you think Katie Couric really cares about the stock market while she is in makeup before the show? She cares about her pocketbook. The one she got for free from Gucci to show off on her next red carpet appearance.
(is Katie giving us the finger in this pic?).

As for me? I like finding money. I find it on the floor at the mall sometimes. I pick it up and put it in my pocket. Sometimes I feel bad, so I give some of it to the Salvation Army guys at Christmas. I consider this my way of spreading the wealth around. However, I refuse to put change in all these tip jars everywhere I go. That is out of control. Buy a donut, leave a tip. Buy a slice of pizza, leave a tip. There are tip jars everywhere now. I hope there isn't one at the Rabbi's office. OY !!

I would rather give my tip money to the homeless guy than the Dunkin Donuts clerk. How many times does that tip money go to the owner of the Dunkin Donuts?

Times are hard for everyone.
<---------Look at this guy. The sign says "Will code HTML for food". It's funny, I agree, but not really. This is a sign of the times (no pun intended).

This one says "Brad and Angelina just had twins and I need money to buy a gift". Clever, but sad. I never imagined we would be building a society of smart homeless people.

Think about it, homeless people of the future will have Masters Degrees and award winning resumes, but they will never be millionaires unless they can throw a football or cry on cue.

American greed has been put on display, but who is paying the price? The people who can least afford it.

However, American stupidity is on the rise.

If we could only market that.

Wait a minute, it seems we already have:

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