Friday, December 5, 2008

I got nothing to say...okay...

My passion for writing seems endless. I made myself a promise to write everyday. According to the countless books I have read about becoming a writer, writing everyday is the most stressed. Apparently, you can't get better unless you write daily. What if you can't write? What if you don't have the ability? Will writing daily all of a sudden make you a better writer, or will you just suck on a daily basis. I don't know the answer to that question. I have tried to write every day. It's hard to do. I can't think about anything to write about. So, do I write something just for the sake of writing every day? Seems pointless. Apparently, this is what I am doing today.

So, what should I write about. Politics? Religion? Pop Culture? Comedy? Accounting? I don't know. I got nothing.

Maybe I should sit here until something comes to me?

Should I walk around and imagine some story?

I'll try that...

be right back...

{ feel free to hum the theme from Final Jeopardy, I'll be right back }

I'm back...still - NOTHING.

Maybe nothingness is good sometimes. I find when I think of nothing, something comes to mind.

Nothingness is the key to meditation, isn't it?

I have tried meditation in the past. I tried to make my mind blank. This is very hard to do. Sometimes I put on some Enya music. I start out with a blank mind, then I find myself thinking about Enya. I love Enya. So relaxing. Great for meditiating. What kind of name is Enya? What is her story? Is she really singing, or is it mostly studio effects? Why doesn't she tour? If she really sang she wouldn't be afraid to go on tour. Who the hell does Enya think she is? Enya is so pretentious? I hate Enya. I wonder what she looks like naked?

Hey, I guess I have succeeded in writing about something. Enya.

Maybe tomorrow I'll have something better, but I wouldn't count on it.

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