Sunday, November 16, 2008

Doctor Doctor give me the news...

This is Dr. Gloob. Dr. Gloob is the psychiatrist to the bizarre. He specializes in circus geeks, Jehovah Witnesses posing as gas men, stand up comics and vampires. Dr. Gloob was last seen in a play called Vampires Suck, The Musical, along with a dysfunctional vampire named Frank, who does not suck, a former Playboy bunny way passed her prime, a lazy police officer and an alcoholic clown who scares children. Together, they try to figure out how to muddle through life while being unsuccessful at what they do for a living, or in Franks case, his eternal damnation. It's wild, wacky, slapstick comedy at it's cheesiest with audience participation.

Vampires Suck - Written, produced, directed and starring Steven Gianturco began as a one act play at The Morrill Theater in Nesconset, Long Island - February, 2002. It morphed into a full length play and premiered at Authors Playhouse in Bayshore, Long Island - April, 2002. It found it's way off off broadway in the Spotlight On Halloween Festival at Raw Space - 42nd Street, NYC - October, 2002. With the help of Stuart Parsons, it somehow turned into a musical. Vampires Suck, The Musical premiered off off broadway at Chashama Theatre on 42nd Street, NYC - October 2003.
The re-vamped and re-casted Vampires Suck, The Musical also found it's way out in Riverhead at the historic Vail-Leavitt Theatre - October, 2004. It was featured on News 12 Long Island and reviewed favorably by The Village Voice, the Southhampton Press and The Stage Pages.

I loved doing the musical version. I have a theory that if you add "the musical" to anything it sounds better.

"I Hope Your Mother Burns In Hell, The Musical"
(see what I mean?)

The author keeps threatening to bring Vampires Suck back to life.

Vampires are a popular part of our culture. I've always noticed that about every three months or so, something related to vampires comes out. Most recently, the book series and movie "Twilight". People love vampires, but they are always good at what they do. They always suck. Not my vampire, he doesn't suck.

I would love to acknowledge all the people who took part in the author's dream. It was my greatest accomplishment to date. I still feel it has legs and with the right amount of investment (anybody got 100 thousand bucks?) , it could be the next big thing.

Thank you to all of those who made it possible:
Stuart Parsons, Meredith Dilley, Danny Sheehan (R.I.P), Ed McKeown, Chuck Williams, Keith Sontag, Jake Weitz, Shawn Morrill, Cynthia Gianturco Smallwood, Melissa Minicozzi, Shane McKuen, Michael Giambrone, Lester Shoen, Margie Gianturco, Jenny Greeman, Ryan Maloney, Jean Luc. Frank Calo, Siobhan Parisi, Melanie Leber, Colleen Kelleher, Corey Jones, Jackson Walker, Russell James, Rebekah White, George Romano, Jonathan Romano, Steve Montague, Stefan, Kat Clifford, Mary Lou Zinger, James Laviglia, Lew Yedwab, Chuck Weber and all the people who came to see the various incarnations of this work in progress. And to the many who dropped out on me, some last missed out...To those I fired, some last minute, I'm sorry. I plead insanity.

Doing this show was the most stressful, aggravating, expensive, insane thing I have ever done. I can't wait to do it again.

Coming - Ocotber 2009 ??
Son of Vampres Suck the Musical, The Musical ?

Or maybe a film version...who knows...Like a vampire, this thing will not die...

The BEST rendition - Author's Playhouse

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